Grady Istre is a Cajun, born and raised in Louisiana where he hunted and fished the marshes, swamps and bayous as a
young man---his efforts putting a variety of food on the table. He inherited a deep-rooted family hunting tradition, mainly
from his grandfather who was a market hunter during the heyday of American waterfowling. He learned at an early age
the importance and in the case of his grandfather, the necessity, of a well-trained hunting dog who could dig out
wounded birds in the unforgiving Louisiana mire. The hunting dogs in his family were not treated as pets, but with the
same respect as any other working animal on the farm.

It wasn’t until a little later in life that he was introduced to a higher level of dog training, when he began pursuing his
goals as a field trialer with his Labrador Retrievers. In the mid-seventies his search for a better method of training
brought him to California where he studied with and later married, his wife, Dana. The two of them operated Reibar
Kennels until 1982 when Dana retired to pursue other interest and Grady took over the operation continuing their
kennel tradition of training competition dogs. However, in 1992 Grady decided to get back to his hunting roots and
began the transition from competitive dogs to hunting dogs. Upon his retiring from competitive training Reibar had some
36 field and amateur field champions to its credit. His goals today remains the same as they were back then: to educate
willing hunters in the techniques known only by field trailers so they may elevate their standard and experience the joy
of hunting with a well trained dog.

In his spare time he enjoys writing dog training articles for Western Outdoor News, a California weekly sportsman’s
newspaper and playing a relaxing game of tennis.